Saturday, September 14, 2013

Into the Gloaming (09/13/2013)

During our last game session the heroes had discovered the secrets of Skull’s Crossing, the ancient dam that dated back to the Thassilonian Empire and to Runelord Karzoug himself. With the flooding problem at least temporarily abated, the party had reported back to Mayor Maelin Shreed in Turtleback Ferry with their findings, collected their 4000 GP reward, and from that vantage point struck off to the south and west to an area known as Whitewillow. The plan was to follow-up on the party’s promise to Jakardros Sovark and the remaining Black Arrows that they would look for their missing commander, Lamatar Bayden.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Skull’s Crossing (08/30/2013)

After having cleaned the remainder of the ogres out of Fort Rannick Jakardros Sovark and the remaining Black Arrows, including Shalelu Andosana, had decided to rebuild the Black Arrows and Fort Rannick. They would do the best they could to hold the fort until spring, when which hopefully supplies and workers could be provided to help rebuild the fort. Jakardros asked the party to deliver the news back to Turtleback Ferry first though – perhaps Mayor Maelin Shreed could arrange for some volunteers to help re-staff the Black Arrows in the short term, and the mayor could also contact Magnimar to get the assistance the Black Arrows would require to rebuild the fort.