Monday, November 24, 2014

The Iron Cages of Lust, Pt 2 (11/22/2014)

The heroes had just had a close call in the Iron Cages of Lust. They looked to have the evil succubus Delvahine and her two defenders on the ropes. The defenders - a pair of Shining Child's - both hit the mighty Stike with Scorching Rays and knocked out the big fighter. Reynard had quickly used a Teleport to whisk the heroes away to safety, but the party knew they had missed a good opportunity.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Iron Cages of Lust, Pt 1 (10/03/2014)

The Grand Cathedral of the Iron Cages of Lust might have been opulent, but it’s inhabitants had been less than kind to the party. Delvahine's alu-demon children - Eryalla, Lelyrin, Voivod, and Zevashala – had taunted and tormented the heroes, but when that didn’t work they had swooped in and attacked the party with their ranseuers. Stike’s Protection from Evil had held off the worst of their attacks and eventually the party had been able to drive them away, but they knew they would be seeing the four sisters again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Festering Maze, Pt. 2 (09/19/2014)

Having fought and slogged their way through most of the swampy filth of the Festering Maze only a large wooden door remained unopened in front of them. A Quasit had been seen darting through this door as the party had approached, so the heroes knew it was very unlikely they would be able to surprise whoever – or whatever – might be awaiting them on the other side of that door. Listening at the door the heroes could hear the gurgle of pouring water, but no further evidence of who - or what - lay beyond.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Festering Maze, Pt 1 (08/29/2014)

The air grew thick and foul-smelling in this chamber, yet the vaporous stink here was nothing compared to the insult to the senses elsewhere. Slime encrusted the walls in swaths of sickly brown and noxious green. A foamy sewage channel ran along a slippery walkway, the thickly shuddering skin atop the slowly churning fluid that seemed to hint that, despite its repulsive appearance and smell, something lurked in those depths. Although they bore a striking resemblance to sewers both in appearance and scent, the tunnels of the Festering Maze were not designed for that intent.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Ravenous Crypts Pt 2 (07/25/2014)

The heroes had successfully fought off at least a dozen Thassilonian Mummies and other horrors including Xyoddin Xerriock during their exploration of the Ravenous Crypts. The cruel necromantic laboratories revealed the remains of several bodies that were in the process of being used for their foul experiments. The bodies seemed to have been taken from the recently destroyed Abjurant Halls of Envy – what precluded this war among the remaining members of the Runeforge was not clear yet, but what happened to the remains of the dead was now revealed.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Ravenous Crypts (07/11/2014)

Instead of the DM making the standard 30 minute trek to join the Friday Night group in Naperville, IL, this week the Friday Night group made the 30 minute trek to join the DM at The Fabulous Mills House™ in lovely Geneva, IL. We had a late start to accommodate those returning from the Cubs game that afternoon, but it was a great night weather-wise and we were able to sit in the kitchen with the windows open and a cool summer breeze. The Fabulous Mrs. DM™ prepared snacks and pull pork sandwiches – who could ask for more?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Vault of Greed (06/06/2014)

The adventurers have fought (and thought) their way into the mysterious and long lost Halls of Runeforge, the ancient school of magic created by the Runelords some 10,000 years previous. The key to defeating Runelord Karzoug was thought to lay somewhere within these walls, but the party was certain that trouble would await at every turn. They had initially visited the Abjurant Halls of Eager Striving (Envy, Abjuration), only to have found a recent battle of epic proportions had taken place and the inhabitants killed and the once beautiful hall pretty much destroyed. There were six remaining halls to be investigated, plus Arkyhyst, an ancient white dragon, had apparently followed them through the open portal and lay in wait for them - somewhere  .

Dungeons and Dragons 5E - Introductions are in order

While  should have been posting a recap of the last round of our Friday Night I have instead been looking at the new material that has been released for the newest version of Dungeons and Dragons.
To start with there is a free PDF of the basic game rules (~100 pages) available here (including a printer-friendly version). Did I mention it was free? As I understand it the "basic" game version is the free one, and when the new books are released this fall they will be considered the "advanced" version.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to Runeforge (05/24/2014)

The party had deciphered The Scribbler’s riddle hidden in the mad scribbling’s of his lair and had found the Sihedron Circle next to Lake Stormunder, near Rimeskull Mountain. They were then able to extract from the statues of the seven runelords the keys necessary to unlock the entrance, but the party’s actions had also drawn the attention of an ancient white dragon by the name of Akrkhyst. The heroes were able to survive the dragon’s numerous attacks, but surviving is not defeating and the heroes know that the beast was still close - and deadly. In fact the ancient wyrm had flown away and slithered in to the same cave where the heroes were now treading. In the darkness ahead lay a great mystery and great reward - and great danger.

The New DnD - Coming Soon

We all know it has been in the works for several years now, but earlier this past week Wizards finally announced the official release of the all the new game materials. As I had originally suspected the release all seems to be centered around Gencon in mid-August, so those of you making the trek to Indianapolis this year can expect to get an eyeful and an earful while you are down there. Apparently it will not be called "DnD 5E" and "DnD Next", but just Dungeons and Dragons. I wonder if that naming convention will stick or will the fan base settle on its own designation.

There has been a lot of playtest material over these past few years so while there have been a lot of hints as to what will be included I am not sure anybody really knows except for the writers. I suspect there will be much more printed on this as the summer passes.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Sihedron Circle (05/02/2014)

Having defeated The Scribbler and his demonic minions the heroes have finished exploring The Scribbler’s underground dungeon beneath Sandpoint. There they found among the many scribbling’s on the walls and ceilings five seemingly random verses of an otherwise unknown poem. Was this the secret to finding the mysterious Runeforge? What of the other things The Scribbler had said before he finished luring the party further into his little corner of hell?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Scribbler (04/11/2014)

The heroes have spent most of the day rummaging through the stacks in the ancient library. The words of Runelord Karzoug echoed in their ears - "So these are the heroes of the age. More like gasping worms to me - worms to be crushed back into the earth when I awaken the armies of Xin-Shalast, when the name Karzoug is again spoken with fear and awe. Know that the deaths of those marked by the Sihedron - the giants you have so conveniently slain for me - hasten my return, just as yours soon will. Fools, all of you. Is this all you could manage in ten thousand years?" The focus of the party’s investigation had centered on Xin-Shalast and Karzoug himself and a great deal has been learned, but many new questions have arisen as well. The only clue you have is a crudely hand-drawn map that you found in Mokmurian’s quarters – that leads back to Sandpoint.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Helpful Librarian (03/21/2014)

The heroes had fought themselves into the depths of Jorgenfist and had killed Mokmurian, the evil minion of Lord Karzoug himself. With Conna the Wise looking over them they were able to get some rest, but now after having fought their way in will they be able to fight their way back out?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Dinner with Mokmurian (02/21/2014)

The heroes have been on the run as they hoped to reach Mokmurian and defeat him quickly, before his madness could bring destruction to all of Varisia. Conna the Wise had provided directions – “enter his chamber from the west” – but cruel traps and vicious defenders have slowed the heroes down all along the way, and now from behind some unknown number of defenders can be heard advancing in the darkness. And even if the heroes do make it through Mokmurian’s defenses and avoid being trapped between his eager minions, would they still have enough to overcome Mokmurian himself?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Under Jorgenfist (01/31/2014)

The heroes had found their way into a system of caves that they hoped would lead them under, and hopefully into, Jorgenfist, the mighty stone giant fortress of Mokmurian and his army. It had been a tough fight so far, but with the noise of enemy troops rallying in distant parts of the caves an elder giant female who identified herself as Conna appeared and bade the party to follow her. Without seeing much of any others options available to them, the party quickly fell in line behind the exiting stone giant elder.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Assault on Jorgenfist (01/03/2014)

The party had problem. How were they to attack a fortress that had 50 foot walls while the fortress itself was surrounded by a hundred or more giants, ogres, and dire bears? Some comments from the peanut gallery had suggested a frontal assault would be a good plan, but the heroes decided instead to hide in the hills and mountains to the southwest of the fortress to scout things out first and then decide from there. The heroes knew that Mokmurian spent most of his time in the secret areas beneath Jorgenfist, and while a passageway leading underground could be seen within the grounds of the fortress, the heroes were hoping to find a way that didn’t entail going through the front door.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reaching Jorgenfist (01/03/2014)

The Friday Night Group hasn’t met since before Thanksgiving due to a severe bout of holidayus interruptus but were glad to be back together to start 2014. We have been playing as a group for a little over a year and are looking forward to seeing what madness may lay ahead in the second half of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.