Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Ravenous Crypts (07/11/2014)

Instead of the DM making the standard 30 minute trek to join the Friday Night group in Naperville, IL, this week the Friday Night group made the 30 minute trek to join the DM at The Fabulous Mills House™ in lovely Geneva, IL. We had a late start to accommodate those returning from the Cubs game that afternoon, but it was a great night weather-wise and we were able to sit in the kitchen with the windows open and a cool summer breeze. The Fabulous Mrs. DM™ prepared snacks and pull pork sandwiches – who could ask for more?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Vault of Greed (06/06/2014)

The adventurers have fought (and thought) their way into the mysterious and long lost Halls of Runeforge, the ancient school of magic created by the Runelords some 10,000 years previous. The key to defeating Runelord Karzoug was thought to lay somewhere within these walls, but the party was certain that trouble would await at every turn. They had initially visited the Abjurant Halls of Eager Striving (Envy, Abjuration), only to have found a recent battle of epic proportions had taken place and the inhabitants killed and the once beautiful hall pretty much destroyed. There were six remaining halls to be investigated, plus Arkyhyst, an ancient white dragon, had apparently followed them through the open portal and lay in wait for them - somewhere  .

Dungeons and Dragons 5E - Introductions are in order

While  should have been posting a recap of the last round of our Friday Night I have instead been looking at the new material that has been released for the newest version of Dungeons and Dragons.
To start with there is a free PDF of the basic game rules (~100 pages) available here (including a printer-friendly version). Did I mention it was free? As I understand it the "basic" game version is the free one, and when the new books are released this fall they will be considered the "advanced" version.