Monday, January 20, 2014

The Assault on Jorgenfist (01/03/2014)

The party had problem. How were they to attack a fortress that had 50 foot walls while the fortress itself was surrounded by a hundred or more giants, ogres, and dire bears? Some comments from the peanut gallery had suggested a frontal assault would be a good plan, but the heroes decided instead to hide in the hills and mountains to the southwest of the fortress to scout things out first and then decide from there. The heroes knew that Mokmurian spent most of his time in the secret areas beneath Jorgenfist, and while a passageway leading underground could be seen within the grounds of the fortress, the heroes were hoping to find a way that didn’t entail going through the front door.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reaching Jorgenfist (01/03/2014)

The Friday Night Group hasn’t met since before Thanksgiving due to a severe bout of holidayus interruptus but were glad to be back together to start 2014. We have been playing as a group for a little over a year and are looking forward to seeing what madness may lay ahead in the second half of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.