Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to Runeforge (05/24/2014)

The party had deciphered The Scribbler’s riddle hidden in the mad scribbling’s of his lair and had found the Sihedron Circle next to Lake Stormunder, near Rimeskull Mountain. They were then able to extract from the statues of the seven runelords the keys necessary to unlock the entrance, but the party’s actions had also drawn the attention of an ancient white dragon by the name of Akrkhyst. The heroes were able to survive the dragon’s numerous attacks, but surviving is not defeating and the heroes know that the beast was still close - and deadly. In fact the ancient wyrm had flown away and slithered in to the same cave where the heroes were now treading. In the darkness ahead lay a great mystery and great reward - and great danger.

The New DnD - Coming Soon

We all know it has been in the works for several years now, but earlier this past week Wizards finally announced the official release of the all the new game materials. As I had originally suspected the release all seems to be centered around Gencon in mid-August, so those of you making the trek to Indianapolis this year can expect to get an eyeful and an earful while you are down there. Apparently it will not be called "DnD 5E" and "DnD Next", but just Dungeons and Dragons. I wonder if that naming convention will stick or will the fan base settle on its own designation.

There has been a lot of playtest material over these past few years so while there have been a lot of hints as to what will be included I am not sure anybody really knows except for the writers. I suspect there will be much more printed on this as the summer passes.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Sihedron Circle (05/02/2014)

Having defeated The Scribbler and his demonic minions the heroes have finished exploring The Scribbler’s underground dungeon beneath Sandpoint. There they found among the many scribbling’s on the walls and ceilings five seemingly random verses of an otherwise unknown poem. Was this the secret to finding the mysterious Runeforge? What of the other things The Scribbler had said before he finished luring the party further into his little corner of hell?