Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Halls of Wrath (01/17/2014)

Runeforge contained seven different halls, each associated with a specific runelord. In the 10,000 years that have passed since the runelords disappeared the residents of these halls have been kept alive by the Runeforge's powerful magic, but the long years have taken their toll on the sanity of the residents of these halls. Their hate and resentment of each other had continued to burn bright though, and each had kept their secrets through the many years. The party had only one hall left to investigate, the Halls of Wrath. Once the heroes collected the final magical compenent they hope to create a great weapon and be able to stand up to Runelord Karzoug himself. That, plus there was still a Great White Dragon lurking around here somewhere.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hall of the The Shimmering Veils (11/29/2014)

Our last meeting as the party had drawn the attention of the defenders of the Hall of the Shimmering Veils. All seven of the defenders were identical: an immaculately dressed human man with shoulder-length blond hair. They spoke with one sonorous voice in Thassilonian: "The master is in study - he is not to be disturbed. Please keep your screaming to a minimum while you are punished for daring to venture this close to his magnificence." As they raced into the room they all went Invisible and began to surround the party as they cast their spells.