Monday, November 25, 2013

On the Road to Jorgenfist (11/15/2013)

For the most part, the town of Sandpoint had been saved. The Red Dragon Longtooth had been vanquished, several of the dire bears and stone giants that had attacked the town had been killed as well, but Teraktinus had apparently found what he was looking for at the ruins of the old lighthouse, a site that dated back to the Thassilonian Empire from nearly 10,000 years previous. Now Teraktinus and the remainder of the stone giants were returning to their homeland with many prisoners and whatever loot they had managed to scavenge from the town.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sooooooo ... What Is Going To Happen With Your DDI Subcription?

The DnD DDI subscription model has always been controversial. The idea of having to pay a monthly fee for content was something new. The original DnD 4E character builder was a downloadable tool, and then switched to an on-line version based on MS-Silverlight so there was no tablet compatible version when new platforms came available, promised tools such as the character visualizer never materialized, and the tabletop tool was put out for beta testing and then cancelled. With the new 5E getting ready to roll-out next year (likely, anyway) ... well, I guess it can't get any worse.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Home Again, Home Again (10/25/2013)

The players had vanquished stone giant Barl Breakbones and had scattered the Kreeg ogre clan and their ogre captives across the wilderness of the Hook Mountains, but is a hero's work really ever done? Barl confessed he had been sent there by Mokmurian to collect an ogre army to help him on his assault on Varisia. The first part of the assault was to be on Sandpoint, the town that was the starting point for the party members. Mokmurian was looking for something hidden there, likely something related to the ancient Thassiloanian empire. There were scores of Thassilonian artifacts to be found up and down the coast - what was their real target? And ... a dragon was to accompany them?