Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Game Day (08/24/2013)

I spent Saturday afternoon running Pathfinder demo's at Draxtar Games in Batavia IL. The store opened a few months ago and they have been busy running a lot of Magic: The Gathering and other games, but are looking to expand their offerings, especially in the area of RPG's. I volunteered to run some Pathfinder and things went really well. I was able run to three sessions over the course of the afternoon and everyone appeared to have a good time. The store was pretty filled all day with other game demo's being provided as well, a good day all around.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fort Rannick, Part Two (07/26/2013)

The party had made a huge dent in the ogre forces last time. They had snuck into the fort through the secret passage behind the waterfall, taken out the ogres on the wall and in the courtyard, and in a bit of serendipity found a group of ogres residing in the barracks that the party was able to burn to the ground and eliminate all who resided inside. But no Black Arrows had been found alive yet, plus there were likely plenty of ogres remaining, including Jaagrath Kreeg and his two sons (Silas and Hookmaw) inside the keep at Fort Rannick, plus who knew what other horrors were yet to be found.