Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Dinner with Mokmurian (02/21/2014)

The heroes have been on the run as they hoped to reach Mokmurian and defeat him quickly, before his madness could bring destruction to all of Varisia. Conna the Wise had provided directions – “enter his chamber from the west” – but cruel traps and vicious defenders have slowed the heroes down all along the way, and now from behind some unknown number of defenders can be heard advancing in the darkness. And even if the heroes do make it through Mokmurian’s defenses and avoid being trapped between his eager minions, would they still have enough to overcome Mokmurian himself?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Under Jorgenfist (01/31/2014)

The heroes had found their way into a system of caves that they hoped would lead them under, and hopefully into, Jorgenfist, the mighty stone giant fortress of Mokmurian and his army. It had been a tough fight so far, but with the noise of enemy troops rallying in distant parts of the caves an elder giant female who identified herself as Conna appeared and bade the party to follow her. Without seeing much of any others options available to them, the party quickly fell in line behind the exiting stone giant elder.