Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leveling Up Update

Group members that have the DDI Character Builder tool have provided an updated *.dnd4e character sheet file or else have provided me with instructions for what to update on their character. I haven't heard from Leo yet, but I am sure I will shortly. There are a couple of questions still floating out there and so there may be a few tweaks yet, but we are in good shape for this coming Sunday.

I did a couple of things to all the character sheets, mostly just some housekeeping issues:

1) I arbitrarily set the XP total for everybody at 2055. Everybody had a different number here and anything over 1000 automatically kicks off the level up process, so this just keeps everyone in sync.

2) I took the GP and SP we have found so far and divided it up among the players ... 414 SP converts to 42 GP (rounded), and 2222 GP divided among seven players is 317.4 each, so each player has an additional 318 GP listed on their character sheet.

3) I added two journal entries for everybody, one that has specific character background information, and a second for leveling up. The XP and GP changes mentioned above are reflected here as well.

I will send both the *.dnd4e file and PDF files out this morning. This will give everyone several days to review the changes and make any last minute edits before Sunday.

Update: I have changes from everybody, have updated my copy of the character files and returned the files to everyone as promised. Thanks for turning these around so quickly. I know several players are mulling over some additional tweaks, but we are ready to go for this weekend otherwise.

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