Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DM Homework Request

As we discussed this past Sunday night the party has been finding magic items strictly as provided in the adventure modules, plus we did some creative magic item acquirement for the characters once they completed KotS. However we have started moving into the area where each player has accumulated some amount of magic items and the magic items provided in the book, while nice, are sometimes superfluous.

So each player was provided a homework assignment for the two week period while the DM was out on vacation. Besides providing the DM their 5th level character changes each player was asked to put together a wish list consisting of a +1 level magic item, a +2 level magic item, and a +3 magic level item. There may be times when the DM may wish to substitute an equivalent magic item for the one provided in the book, so rather than choosing from thousands of possible items I would prefer to work off a smaller list.

No real rules were put on the choices other than the levels, but the DM did ask the players to think a little more "out of the box" on this and come up with things besides just armor and weapons. There are certainly plenty of options for amulets, gloves, boots, belts, and what not, so have some fun with it.


  1. SDO - Since several magic items for the head feet arms, etc do not have specific +1, 2 etc. Are we supposed to look at the cost and or level and choose something equivalent to a +1, +2 and +3 magic item?

  2. SDO - Please think of it in the armor/weapon context - +2 armor/weapons start at Level 6, +3 at Level 11, so use that as a guide.