Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dungeon Delve (08/01/2010)

With the DM being away on vacation the remainder of the party did a pre-Gencon Dungeon Delve to test drive their newly minted 5th level characters. Here is their report (Thanks Leo).

Notes from last Sunday:

Leo volunteered to run a session, mostly to get guinea pigs for his map sharing program under development (Joette did a fine impression of a guinea pig squeak). It also let the characters try out their recent promotion to Level 5.

Weak Back story: The characters were asked by the villagers to get rid of a necromancer named Tal Lorvas. The villagers told the characters where he lived, but he wasn't home. They found some notes that said he was looking for an artifact in an ancient Tiefling tomb, and the characters decided to make sure he didn't get it.

Tracking Tal was pretty easy, since one of his companions is big and not very coordinated. They also found evidence of high heat and bitter cold along the trail.

Encounter 1: Entry Hall

The party found the tomb with the outside doors shattered. Renny was the fastest off the mark, and found himself face to face with a skeleton that he could barely make out in the dim light from the outside. Eldred and the rest followed except for Miave who only advanced to the door and Jenneth who lit up a rock and tossed it into the room.

Once the room was lit Krstic realized that he was standing on runes that had been painted on the floor and that the area directly in front of him was filling with gas. For once his slow movement due to armor was actually helpful. Eldred, Bogar, and Krstic held the Wights and Ghasts at bay while Oester and Renny entertained the three skeletons.

It took three or four rounds, but soon the Wights and Ghasts were down. Kudos to Eldred for an effective turn that kept a Wight and a Ghast out of combat for a couple of rounds, and to Krstic for an impressive hit (34 hit points in a single shot). Soon only the skeletons were left, and then there were none. Ironically, the skeletons did more damage by dying (and exploding) than they did with any attacks.

3 Scimitars, nothing special
3 Boneshard Skeletons
2 Ghasts
2 Wights

Encounter 2: Sloping Passage

After a short rest, the party continued through a passage to the south. This quickly turned southeast, and sloped downward. The floor of this passage was covered with loose gravel and sand, enough that the party was concerned but not slowed. Jenneth tossed a light rock into the hall, and the party was on.

At the bottom of the passage were a Ghast and two Blazing Skeletons. One of the skeletons threw a ball of fire at Krstic, but missed badly. Unlike the previous encounter, this time the party was really effective. The Ghast got a single attack before it was destroyed, and missed. The Chillborn Zombies didn't do any better, and as before, Eldred's turn was quite effective.

After a single round, the Ghast was gone, one of the Blazing Skeletons was gone and one was bloodied, and two of the four remaining enemy were bloodied. Since the remaining monsters were likely to be gone before their initiatives, combat was called at 10 PM.

3 Blazing Skeletons
2 Chillborn Zombies
1 Ghast
No loot

Not investigated:
A large sigil on the floor
An area of the room with some sort of glossy blue sheen
A lowered portcullis blocking a passage to the east

Each character (including Renny) earned 200 XP (1550 for monsters, 50 for the trap in the entry area).

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  1. Leo -- Apologies: The XP total should have been
    350. The 200 XP was for the first encounter.

    I copied the wrong number in the mail to Roger.