Thursday, January 27, 2011

D&D Experience 2011

Wizards is putting on the D&D Experience 2011 convention this weekend in Fort Wayne IN. It is obviously targeted towards D&D games and gamers, although apparently many gamers from the east coast have been unable to get out because of the snow.

One of the highlights is that Wizards uses this as a forum to discuss the plans for the upcoming year. has provided an excellent summary of this years New Product Seminar (here). Obviously there is a lot going on in the Hasbro / Wizards / D&D world, and while the speakers can't go into a lot of behind-the-scenes details on business plans, they are at least trying to make the case they are listening to the D&D community.

I am not going to recap the linked article here but if you are interested in what has been pulled off the production calendar and what has been added it's all there. The one thing I did find interesting is that they have decided to hold back on a Ravenloft release for the time being (coughScottcough).

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  1. Scott - Just means I can make up any Ravenloft rules I want. I have already converted 2 Ravenloft Dungeons to 4e for use when Mark is done.