Monday, May 16, 2011

Character Builder Update ... Not So Fast There Partner

Wizards is releasing The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond boxed set tomorrow (05/17). There was a DDI CB update scheduled for tomorrow as well, one that would coordinate the latest tool updates and fixes with the release of the new material from the boxed set. As of last month Wizards finally gotten caught up by being able to provide updates to the CB tool in coordination with releases of new products and after several false starts appeared to finally be back on something resembling an actual release schedule.

Unfortunately the CB update will not be ready for tomorrow - read here. Aye yi yi. On the one hand Wizards did find bugs in testing and they stated so beforehand and if the product really wasn't ready to release then it really wasn't ready to release. I don't have real expectations here, but when you've managed to disappoint someone who has no expectations in the first place you've really done something.

My belief was that Wizards was trying to tie the new virtual table tool (VTT) and the CB and the Monster Builder (MB) into one seamless package. Well, OK I guess, but in the mean time we have three not slow, not fast, but sort of half-fast tools. Let's look at the calendar ... this is mid-May, Gencon is the first weekend in August ... two and a half months until then ... Wizards needs to come through on some of those delivery's. I'd hate to be the Wizards employees sitting there en masse at Gencon if they don't.

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