Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DnD Encounters - Session 0 (02/22/2012)

The DDI Character Builder (CB) tool was updated yesterday (read the release announcement here). The list of bug fixes is always interesting to me. Like last time most of the fixes are for some pretty esoteric stuff, but that means if you do find something incorrect that you really should submit a bug report. I haven't experienced any problems with the new CB, but apparently there are some questions about material that may not have been included from the new DnD book released this week - Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. I must admit the book topic doesn't look that interesting to me, but it does serve as the basis for the upcoming weekly DnD Encounters session - The Elder Elemental Eye.

I think my schedule is going to allow me to participate in the upcoming DnD Encounters session so I attended the "Week 0" activities tonight at The Gaming Goat in Elgin Illinois. The purpose of the session was to allow players to get there characters created and set-up in preparation for play beginning Wednesday week and then continuing on for the following 11 weeks.

I participated in the DnD Encounters session this same time one year ago and many familiar faces were present (Jack, Steve, Don, Zach, and Tim). There were also several new faces (Clyde, Tom, and another Zach) plus there a few additional players who have promised to join us starting next week, so it looks like we will have enough of a group that we will be able to run two tables. I usually play a hyper-aggressive fighter-type but this time I decided to play a mage, so I guess I'll see if I can learn how to hide behind the fighters. I blogged each of the sessions I attended last spring and look forward to doing it again this spring.

I am looking forward to this upcoming session. This was a lot of fun last time and I am sure it will be this time as well. Our host, The Gaming Goat, does a great job in providing space for a host of different games over the course of the week. Visit their website to see the multitude of gaming activities they have scheduled and drop by if you are in the area.

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