Monday, February 15, 2010

The Chieftain's Lair (02/14/2010)

The group was at full strength again this week so we spent the first part of the evening recounting last week's Torture Room encounter. The party was appraised again of the contents of the room, including the room with three cells and one imprisoned goblin named Splug. It was decided the party would proceed as discussed last week, through the set of double doors facing west right outside of the torture room, to the room Splug had called "The Gold Room."

These doors had been blocked from opening last week, so the barrier was removed and Eldred and Jenneth started moving stealthily down a long hall. Akta also started down the hallway, but just in a somewhat less-than-stealthy manner. The two goblin warriors sitting at the end of the hallway spied Eldred and attacked, only to be quickly overwhelmed by the rest of the party before they could give an alarm.

The contents of the room included a table with several chairs and two large hanging tapestries that hid the back portion of the room. Using their accrued momentum the party split with some members going through the northernmost curtain and other party members rushing through the southernmost curtain. There were no more goblins in the back portion of the room, but there were three doors, a single door on both the north and south walls and a pair of double doors straight ahead on the west wall.
Oester, Akta, and Jenneth started through the north door and ran into a Goblin Cutter standing in a small foyer with a hanging curtain behind it. The Cutter was quickly dispatched and the opened curtain revealed another Goblin Warrior and a handful of Goblin Cutters. Jenneth was able to take out a few of the Cutters with her Radiant Blast, but Oester soon started taking damage and had to withdraw.

While this was going on Bogar and Krstic decided to open the double doors on the west wall. Two Goblin Warriors greeted them at the door with a third standing behind them with several javelins ready to throw. Maive and Oester started ranged attacks and as the first Goblin Warrior was bloodied a fat goblin stepped out from behind a curtained off area and began to fire his crossbow.

Akta and Jenneth finally cleared out the remaining Cutters but the Goblin Warrior had followed the bloodied Oester out of the room. Luckily Oester had run right toward the area where Maive was providing air support with her bow and arrows and she was able to quickly put the Goblin Warrior on his back before Oester could take more damage.

Behind the bulk of the party the door to the south opened and several more Goblin Cutters and another Goblin Warrior started to emerge. Oester was able to hold some of them off as they came through the door, and Jenneth and Akta soon arrived to provide more rear support.

The remaining Goblin Warriors in the west room finally started to go down and the fat goblin decided to make a run for it, ducking back into his curtained off area. As the party members followed him he was found to be fumbling with the wall, eventually opening a secret door. He absorbed a few more hits and stumbled down a set of stairs behind the secret door to another secret door. A few arrows from Maive put him down before he could open the second secret door.

The party decided to not open the other secret door at this time, and decided rather to investigate the rooms they had just come through. The room behind the north door housed several barrels and crates, an obvious store room. The room behind the south door contained several beds, no doubt having served as a barracks. The fat goblin's room contained several beds also, and in the small room behind the curtain there was another bed and a medium sized chest.

The chest was locked, but a key was found on the fat goblin. Once opened the chest produced a Magic Wand, quickly claimed by Akta, and 700 GP. As the party looked around they found no other secret doors or magic items, but they did find the following:

Ten Goblin Cutters, each wearing leather armor and wielding a short sword.

Seven Goblin Warriors, each wearing leather armor, wielding a spear, and carrying five javelins.

Balgron the Fat, with hide armor, a large club, a crossbow and 20 bolts, and a set of keys.

Besides the 700 GP from the chest the party also collected 83 SP and 49 GP and each party member earned 190 XP.

Before moving on the party decided that Splug was likely correct that the fat goblin, identified by Splug as Balgron, was the local goblin chieftain. But it was also likely that Splug had lied when attempting to send the party into "The Gold Room" when it was really a goblin stronghold. Splug was summarily dispatched, and the next order of business was to review the maps explored to date and to decide where to go next. There are two as-of-yet closed doors back in the initial guard room, so it was decided the party would likely head through the west door next week.

DM Note: I missed my turn to bring in the goblins from the south room a little earlier, plus Scott and I talked on the way home about a better way to of handled this aspect of combat.

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