Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rogue Around the Clock

If you have ever played Rogue, the old D&D-based computer game that seemed to exist in some version on every Unix computer that ever existed then you want to read this article (here) about the origin of the game at Berkeley, how it slipped out into the wild, and the different variations that have appeared since. If you do read this article make sure you peruse the comments - some of the original Rogue code writers chime in with additional history.

PC executables and/or source code for several different version of Rogue can be downloaded at Sourceforge.net (here). Sourceforge also maintains executables and source code for other Rogue clones such as Nethack and Angband as well as other miscellaneous versions of Rogue-like games.


  1. And our own Mike Morgan was the author of one of the later versions of Rogue.

  2. If you poke around the sourceforge website you do see his name as a contributor to one of the versions.