Sunday, April 11, 2010

Custom Items in Character Builder

The party members had found seven silver and platinum dragon statues outside of Sir Keegan's tomb several weeks ago and I never added them to their character sheets. I just don't want to them to get forgotten or overlooked and documenting their existence via the tool is the best way to do this. Given that they were in an actual Wizards adventure module I had a suspicion that they might have their own entry in the equipment list in the CB tool somewhere, but I couldn't find them there.

This is not a problem - it's an opportunity! It is easy to create a custom item in the CB tool by simply clicking on the button toward the top of the "Shop" screen and filling in the item box that appears. Given the statues aren't magical and don't do damage I gave the custom item a name, entered some text, and selected the "item card" box as well. The item appeared in Krstic's equipment list (I happened to have opened Krstic's sheet to experiment with) and an item card appeared on his character sheet.

But the item did not appear in the general equipment list the CB tool provides, so when I brought up Bogar I couldn't simply add the dragon statue to his equipment list. I think what happens is that you can add a custom item, but you can't actually make changes to the official equipment database. This means that within the data that constitutes Krstic's character sheet is an entry for the custom item. I guess this makes sense as the monthly update would probably wipe out the custom items otherwise, but now since it is stored in a character sheet they will always be there.

My options are to create a dragon statue custom item for every character or to simply document it via a journal entry for every character. I like the fact that it shows up as a card on the character sheet so I will likely choose that option. If you have the tool you can create your own custom item as well, but since I just sent out updated character sheets three days ago I won't send them out again for awhile.

One more character sheet note: I did not include the 56 GP found on Ninaren in the GP total in this last character sheet, so everybody actually has an additional 8 GP.

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