Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dungeon Delve

This coming Sunday Scott, Rich, and Joette will all miss, so instead of taking a Sunday night off the rest of the group is going to do a one night dungeon out of the Wizards book Dungeon Delve. This book contains 30 chapters, one for each level from 1 through 30, of a three encounter Dungeon, including maps, monsters, a brief story line, and even throws in several ideas for expanding the Delve into a larger plot line.

The plan is simple - I will set-up an appropriate level dungeon from the book, work up a map to share with Mark, and Mark, Dave, Brian and Leo will all roll up a new 11th level character. Playing an 11th level character will give everyone a chance to play a Paragon level character along with some hardcore magic items, to play a different class/race combination for a night, and to face some serious opposition (insert maniacal DM laughter here).

The character creation rules are keep them RPGA legal and the distribution of magic items is as follows: As 11th level characters each player gets a 12th level magic item, an 11th level magic item, a 10th level magic item, and gold equivalent to a 10th level magic item (5000 GP) in order to acquire miscellaneous magic items (i.e., bling). Each player will roll-up their own character and well give it a go.

The group is notoriously slow so getting through three encounters will be a real challenge in and of itself, especially since the characters are new to the players. However, there isn't much a story line, just go in and see what happens, plus there are only four players this week instead of the usual seven, so we'll see how far we get.

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