Wednesday, June 2, 2010

KotS and TL News

Several items to discuss here as we wrap up Keep on the Shadowfell (KotS) and as we prepare for Thunderspire Labyrinth (TL). First of all each player will be leveling up their characters over the next week, so please make sure you download the latest Character Builder (CB) tool update, available today. I don't know if there is anything that will specifically affect our characters, but this break in play is probably a good time to ensure we are all on the same version. My download and installation went fine earlier this evening, although I really haven't had a chance to put it through its paces yet.

With the 140 XP earned from the encounter at burial site the party has now accrued 1430 XP since they all leveled up to level 3 with 2565 XP, a total of 3995 XP for each of the party members. This is more then enough for the players to be leveled up to level 4. This coming Sunday the players will return to Fallcrest to meet with Menos, earn some final rewards, maybe pick up some new character information, and effectively set-up the story-line transition from KotS to TL.

When the characters were initially created the DM allowed two additional attributes to get bumped up as a starting boon, but neglected to mention that he wanted to see this corrected when the players moved up levels. After discussing it the players agreed to this point, specifically that players at level 4 and level 8 would only bump one attribute instead of two, essentially allowing the characters to return to legal once they reached 8th level.

However, the CB tool expects to bump up two attributes regardless, so to affect this each character will need to arbitrarily bump down one attribute by hand, and then turn around and bump them back up via the tool. This turned out to be a little more complicated than was ever intended, but after discussing this last week I think everyone was on board.

Each player started at level 3 with a varying amount of gold, different players having spent different amounts on different things along the way. Since then the party has accumulated an additional 2492 GP via the encounters, and another 150 GP for selling a copy of the map to Valthrun. The party is expecting to receive 700 GP from the sale of the weapons several weeks hence, and they are also expecting to receive 300 GP for Parle's rescue and another 300 GP for a copy of the map for Douven Stahl. Discounting the 700 GP since the players won't have it for a few weeks yet, that works out to 3242 GP divided by 7 players for an additional 464 GP per player.

Other goodies accumulated were 7 gems worth a total of 350 GP and 125 GP in jewelry. The heirlooms of Sir Keegan's children were to be returned per Sister Linora's request. We can discuss what to do with these items this coming Sunday.

We ran out of time this past Sunday before the party members could get back to Fallcrest to see Menos, so the DM let the party know how Menos intended to reward for their efforts: in lieu of gold he will offer to let his elvish craftsmen improve one mundane level item for each party member to a level 3 item. For game play purposes each player can pick their one mundane item to improve, and then pick any level 3 option provided for that item.

It looks like Rich and Brian will miss this week, so this will be a good week to start the transition, with the plans to move into the TL module and its encounters the following Sunday.

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  1. How do you want to handle purchasing magic items in town? If we have the money, can we assume we can buy anything we want, or do you want to roll for or limit availability?