Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monster Manual 3 Released plus IPhone/IPod Tools

The latest version of the 4E Monster Manual was released this week. This release includes the tweaks to the monster stat blocks that I had mentioned in an earlier post (here). Wizards also has a nice section on this at their website including a link to view several of the pages (here).

There was no update to the Adventure Tools in June, the tool that includes the entire set of monsters. I fully expect all the new monsters from MM3 to be included in the July update, along with all of the tweaked stat blocks as well. I am resisting printing out the entire set of monsters for every encounter in TL for the time being, just printing out what I will need for the following week.

I did stop by the bookstore to flip through the new book, but I do not plan on purchasing it. All the monsters will be available in a few short weeks via the tool, and if any additional corrections or tweaks need to be made to the monsters in the book we will automatically get them via tool as well.

If you have an IPhone or an IPod and are curious as to what various gaming tools are available for these platforms then follow this link (here) to a collection pulled together at Of course the official DDI tools are not available for any of the Apple platforms and there is always the usual amount of grumbling about that, but the CB tool would really look nice on an IPad.

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