Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DnDNext News - There is None

The big NDA'd DnDNext roll-out was two months ago (here). Since then there have been weekly articles on that include survey questions. It's nice to see that Wizards is taking this seriously and is doing their homework, but as far an announcements go, nothing.

I am assuming that Wizards will want to have a large playtest experience of the newest version of DnDNext at Gencon in August this year. That is still four months away, or six months after the last big playtest. I was thinking there would be a wide scale release of DnDNext material sometime in between the two. This would give Wizards enough time to wade through the additional feedback and then tweak the DnDNext rule set in time for the Gencon version of the playtest material to be prepared. The next big game convention, PAX East, is this weekend and there have been no DnDNext announcements about playtesting there, so any new release will not likely be this week, although I suppose some announcement could be forthcoming.

I have read most of the DnDNext articles (here) but I think sometimes they are using some red herrings to signify issues that were actually discussed but don't necessarily imply inclusion. I realize it is not even April yet, but yes, I am curious to see where Wizards is taking this. I have been told that Wizards wants to use the Wednesday night DnD Encounters as a playtest vehicle and the current session will end in mid-May, so that might work if that turns out to be so.

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