Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Are Ready to Start (Project Plan - Part 2)

Our first Pathfinder game night will be this Friday. The players know when and where and I hope everyone is looking forward to this as much as I am. We will be walking through the sample adventure that came with the Beginner Box and will be using the pre-gen characters from the same Beginner Box. This will give each of us a chance to adjust to the non-DnD-4E rule set and to each other as well. The maps are made, the miniatures and pawns are gathered, we have a couple of Core Rulebooks at our disposal, I purchased a DM screen, and I think we're ready to go - so let's play.

As part of a newly formed group we will need to talk about schedules, how often to play, plus we know the holidays are coming up and that will have to be factored in as well. Snacks will be part of the discussion as well - after all, what is a game night without proper snacks? We are going to use the pre-gen characters for our practice night, but beyond that the players will need to talk through and decide who will play what type of character. I recommended we use the Herolab Pathfinder character creation tool from Lone Wolf Development (the free version covers levels 1-3 characters) but we will need to talk about character generation guidelines. I am sure there other other topics to talk through as well, but basically we just need to make sure expectations are set up front to ensure enjoyment for all.

A share directory was set up from my Google Drive for the  players to access and after some hits and misses think I have the technical details worked out. This will be for general games items like maps, pictures, and whatnot. Have we forgotten something? Yeah, probably, but full speed ahead! We can figure it out as we move along.

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