Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Encounter (01/03/2010)

After the meeting on the previous day adjourned you each had the opportunity to acquire any last minute provisions and to make final preparations for your 4-5 day trip from Fallcrest to Winterhaven. In the morning before you leave Menos arrives to see you off, and before you leave he tells you the one you are looking for is an Orcus priest by the name of Kalarel. He also warns you to be careful - Orcus spies could be anywhere.

The characters/players are:

Akta, a Tiefling Warlock (Brian)
Bogar, a Dwarf Fighter (Rich)
Eldred, a Human Cleric (Mark)
Jenneth, an Eladrin Wizard (Leo)
Krstic, a Dragonborn Warlord (Dave)
Maive, an Elf Ranger (Joette)
Oester, a Halfling Rogue (Scott)

You head west towards Winterhaven, passing through the farmlands around Fallcrest and moving into the open lands. There is still green grass, but occasional outgrowths of bushes and trees and large piles of rocks dot the landscape. The road is dirt, occasionally rutted, and works its way westward, bypassing the occasional steep hills of rock that stick out of the ground. The party establishes a marching order for the day and a regular watch shift at night, and generally gets too know each other.

It is in a pinch-point between two of these steep hills that you are ambushed by a large group of kobolds. Even though they have surprise on many of you the party responds quickly and even though they have surprise after a furious fight you stand victorious. Some of the party members were nicked a little, but none seriously.

As you look around you see:

8 Kobold Minions, each with hide armor, a small shield, a spear, and 3 javelins.

3 Kobold Dragonshields, each with scale armor, a heavy shield (made of a dragon's scale), and a short sword.

1 Kobold Slinger, with leather armor, a sling and 20 sling bullets, a dagger, and an empty bandoleer that originally contained three glass containers (two of fire, one of glue).

Between them all you come up with a total 34 silver pieces and each player earns 100 XP.

You guesstimate you are still a day away from Winterhaven. It was decided to hide the bodies in some bushes off the road and to collect the weapons and armor.

DM notes: This was the first encounter and while play seemed to drag sometimes because it was everybody’s first exposure of their new character to combat, overall the evening went very quickly. I need to do a better job of playing the monsters.

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