Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winterhaven (01/10/2010)

Before moving on to Winterhaven it was decided to looks for tracks in the area. Maive and Jenneth followed tracks south for about an hour without finding anything and then returned to the party.

After an uneventful final leg of the trip you arrive in Winterhaven.

The town sits atop a hill, giving a good view of the surrounding area. A wall encloses the town and a large gate (1) faces east. The gate is open and two of the local guards stand on duty. They welcome you to town and direct you to Wrafton’s Inn (2).

As you enter the town you see what appears to be a large house at the top of the hill (14) behind another gate (11) – the lord’s manor no doubt. You see various small shops in the area, as well as several stand-alone houses (H) and a block of tenements as well (9). There is a farmers market (3) in the open area inside the gate and there is also an odd looking tower (Valthrun’s Tower, 6) that sits in the middle of town.

Salvana Wrafton (human female) greets you from behind the bar and tells it is still early in the afternoon and while it may be quiet now things will pick up more towards the end of the day. She answers questions about the town and tells you where the smithy (5), the temple (10), and general store (7), a stable (4), and a Warrior Guild (8).

Some of you visit the temple. Sister Linora is a non-heroic priestess of Avandra, but all faiths are welcome in her temple. She can do some basic rituals (raise dead, cure disease, and gentle repose) and she is also responsible for upkeep of the cemetery north of town. She knows nothing of any cult activity in the area, but she is concerned.

Some of you visit the smithy. Thair Coalstriker, a burly dwarf, is initially doubtful of your story about the kobold ambush but is quite impressed when you display the weapons and armor you took from them. He gives you three gold pieces for the lot, although Krstic, Bogar, and Eldred each opt to keep possession of a heavy shield made of a dragon scale and Oester decides to keep the sling and the twenty sling bullets.

Some of you visit the general store, Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe. Bairwin Wildarson tells you that Parle Cranewing was in town several weeks prior and that he had purchased some picks and shovels and that he had hired some local farm boys to go dig up a dragon burial ground. They headed somewhere out south east of town and have not been heard from since.

Back at the inn the locals start to fill in and the story of your exploits against the kobolds is now known throughout the town. The local lord, Lord Padraig, is pleasantly surprised and after some negotiation offers 10 GP per kobold you can kill if you will go and finish the job.

Eilian the old and Valthrun the Prescient both tell you the keep north of town is old, its walls and buildings are crumbling, and it has been unused for centuries. You hear from Delphina Moongem and others that goblins have overrun the keep. No one knows of any cult activity, but yes, an individual named Kalarel passed through town several months previous. An elf that has been skulking around the inn overhears your question about cult activity and tells you there is cult activity “behind the waterfall south east of town.”

DM Note: I am just trying to summarize who you met and what you learned.

You leave town the next morning with the intention of heading back to the ambush site to see if you can pick up the trail that led south from there. As you draw near to this point a group of kobolds appear in front of you only to quickly be decimated by you with only Bogar taking any serious damage. Maive’s 30 points of damage in one turn against the Wyrmpriest was the highlight. At the completion of the fight you find:

4 Kobold Dragonshields, each with scale armor, a heavy shield (made of a dragon's scale), and a short sword.

2 Kobold Skirmishers, with hide armor, a small shield, and a spear.

1 Kobold Wyrmpriest, with crimson hide armor, a spear, a bone mask (shaped like a dragons head), and a necklace of a dragon figurine.

Between them all you come up with 8 gold pieces and 23 silver pieces and each member earns 125 XP.

DM notes: Combat was a little faster and everybody was trying otherwise unused powers. I missed a few combat elements with the kobolds and need to ensure we get any combat started earlier so we don’t run out of time. The interaction with Mark seems to be running well.

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